Home & Garden

Automobiles – Resources for buying, repairing and maintaining your car.

Energy – Books and online resources for saving and shopping around for energy needs.

Frugal Living – Abandon the rat race of consumerism by living simply and changing priorities.

  • AARP: 99 Great Ways to Save – The AARP has saving tips for everyone, not just senior citizens on a fixed income, and they cover cars, finances, health, utilities, travel, shopping and entertainment.
  • Mother Earth News – The magazine Mother Earth News has been around since 1970 and helps those who want to live off the land.
  • Thrifty Fun – ThriftyFun is a site where regular folks can share their knowledge and ideas.

Gardening – Indoor and outdoor gardening, kitchen and wildlife gardens, sustainable and organic gardening.

Green Homes – Alternative Housing Construction & Design for sustainable living.

  • Earthship Biotecture – Earthships are radically sustainable (carbon-zero) buildings made with recycled materials that are like self-contained earths, producing their own electricity, water and food and recycling sewage and greywater. Andrew Zimmern visited on a recent Bizarre Foods TV program.
  • Free Green – Free Green offers free energy-efficient healthy house plans.
  • Sierra Club Green Home – A site to help Americans make their homes more energy efficient, environmentally sustainable and healthy, and connect them with Providers that can help them achieve their goals.

Green Living – Turn over a new leaf and reduce your carbon footprint.

Historic Preservation – Find out about your house and how to preserve it in an appropriate fashion.

Home Ownership – Resources for buying, selling, or renting a home.

Home Repair & Remodeling – Want to build a deck, finish a basement, or remodel a kitchen?  We’ve got plenty of ideas for you.

Interior Design – New ideas.

  • Elle Decor – This stylish magazine features celebrity houses and celebrity designers.
  • Interior Design Magazine – On their website you can find lots of news and trends in interior design.
  • A Library of Design – This is a blog by Janelle McCulloch, design writer, former magazine editor, photographer and author of 18 books, including 15 architecture, interior design, travel and gardening books. It is definitely a good site for inspiration, even if she lives way over in Australia.

Realtors & Listings – Look for a home.

  • Century 21 – This will do a broad search for you.
  • Homes.com – Search for properties for sale and rent
  • OldHouses.com – Are you in the market for old historic houses? Look at the current and past listings.
  • Owners.com – The National Resource for Homes Sold By Owner. Search for or list a home. Unfortunately little information is normally provided about the property.
  • Realtor.com – Official site of the National Association of Realtors. Allows you to earch for a home by city, state, zip.
  • RE/MAX Realtors – Allows you to search for properties around the world, including Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.
  • Zillow – Zillow is a free online real estate site where you can see on a map which houses are for sale and for how much. The Zillow name evolved from the desire to make zillions of data points for homes accessible to everyone.