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Intra & Inter Library Lending

Intra and Inter Library Loans
Is there a book that you would love to read, but don’t see it in our collection? No worries! We can borrow it for you from another library!

What is Intra-Library Loan?
Intra-Library Loan means that we can borrow a book for you from one of our sister libraries. As part of Wilderness Coast Public Libraries, we partner with Jefferson County R. J. Bailor Public Library as well as the Carrabelle and Eastpoint branches of the Franklin County Public Library. Want to see if they have a book that you are looking for? Head over to our catalog and you can access what is held by all four libraries. When you place one of their items on hold, a statewide delivery service picks it up and brings it here, where a friendly staff member will call and let you know when it is ready for pickup.

What is Inter-Library Loan?
Interlibrary Loans work a lot like Intra-Library Loans, only they come from libraries outside of our cooperative. Because we rely on the generosity of other libraries for Interlibrary Loans, the rules for them differ a bit from our other policies.

  • You must be a patron in good standing (no lost or late items) for four to six months, with a regular borrowing history.
  • The book requested must have been in publication for a year or more.
  • Loan requests for minors must be made on the parent or guardian’s card. Both accounts must be in good standing.
  • Fines for Interlibrary Loans are $1.00 a day with no grace period.
  • Lost or damaged items will be billed to the borrower. Price will be determined by the lending library and may include processing and other charges. These cannot be waived by WCPL, because they are not our books.
  • Interlibrary Loans may be borrowed for only three weeks can cannot be renewed online or over the phone. Renewals may be possible at the discretion of the lending library, but the book must be returned to WCPL prior to requesting a renewal, just in case they say no.
  • Late returns can result in suspension of Interlibrary Loan privileges for a minimum of six months, because in all honesty, it makes us look bad.
  • Please keep in mind that we do not have access to every book in existence. Sometimes we cannot find libraries to fill specific request.

Donation Policy

We welcome your donations, but we ask that you don’t bring us VHS tapes and encyclopedias. We cannot make use of them or sell them. Please don’t bring us books that are smelly, moldy, in disrepair, stained (we have seen lots of strange stains), missing pages, or more than ten years old. Look at your books and think….”is this something I would check out at a library or buy as a used book?” If the answer to that is no, then we probably are not the place for your donation.

Once you donate something, it becomes library property. If we cannot use your donations for the collection, we will gladly pass them on to the Friends of the Library for the book sale.

We do accept magazine donations! 95% of the magazines in our reading room are donated by patrons! Don’t keep those magazines laying around. Once you read it, remove or mark out your personal information and bring it on down for others to enjoy. We also gladly accept subscriptions purchased on our behalf. If you are interested in purchasing a subscription for anything for us, please have them sent to our post office box.

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